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Wingman Waterfowl

Webbed Ankle Boot

Webbed Ankle Boot

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Precision Design meets Comfort and Performance

Wingman Waterfowl Introduces The Webbed Ankle Boot ! 

The Webbed Ankle Boot is a 6" high-quality, natural rubber and neoprene enforced slip on that sports Wingman Waterfowl Technologies:

Innova-Clear Waterproofing -100% Waterproof

Delta- GSM  -Anti-microbial & Temperature Regulating Liner

3X Comfort Tech System-

Our 3X Comfort Tech System increases support and comfort for extended hours of wear. It is the perfect design of flexibility, support, comfort and functional adaptation to the terrain beneath your feet.

The Intention Outsole - A slip resistant outsole that clears mud and debris to maintain maximal traction better than any conventional deck boot designs. 

Its features exhibit attention to detail and has been constructed to perform beyond the ordinary ankle boot that you have been duck hunting in! Chances are you've been wearing deck boots.


Our design provides hunters with a comfortable, performance footwear option that will hold up in and out of the field or boat.

An Ankle Boot truly Guided by Flight and Designed to Do It All.

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