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So many things need to be taken into consideration. With all the planning and preparations, no one will blame you if a detail goes wrong, but it is likely that you do not want to take that risk. Let's take a look at the items you may be trusting to make a difference during the Waterfowl Season.

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Talkin' Friends, Feathers, & Fur

Unbreakable bonds between nature, friends, dogs, and ducks all work together toward something thats special to me and others who hunt. And here's the place to talk about it all.


Warehouse & Waterfowl Updates

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Whats going on with the migration ? Good question. Maybe you'll read it here first !

LDWF began offering license auto-renewals for the first time last year. Here's the Lowdown.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries hunting and fishing licenses may only be renewed once your current license has expired. As of June 2022 -- most LDWF licenses are now valid for 365 days from purchase date -- licenses no longer follow the July 1-June 30 year. This change means that license holders can no longer renew their license early, during the month of June.
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The WEBBED ankle boot       is Coming Soon! 

We seen a need for a better ankle boot. One meant for fowlers. The Webbed Ankle Boot is a 6" slip on with Wingman Waterfowl Technologies best: anti-microbial/temperature regulating liner , 100% waterproofing, 3-layer comfort system and slip resistant outsole that allows for trekking, boating, and proper debris discharge. Its features exhibit attention to detail.

Louisiana  West Zone  duck Season 

We Hope You All Had a Good Waterfowl Season - Best of Luck to those now Hunting Turkey 

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Est. 2016, Wingman Waterfowl is a Local Owned, South Louisiana Based Company.

Our roots started beneath the canopy of a flooded cypress bottom in the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp, our Home. The thought seem to follow the tail winds of the Mallards falling into the clear slough waters. Beneath the water's surface, the freshly flooded cracks in the ground showed signs of Louisiana 's past summer.  The dogs stood ready as the guys in the hole all cut up, just having a good ole time. Duck season was back ! Although I was having a great time, I found myself looking over my previous years gear. I started thinking of ways I could change some of it to make it work better. All of these ideas began to resonate more as the hunt took place. 

What better way to achieve better gear than to build a company and make that gear?

I told the podnahs (friends) my thoughts as I lead into a conversation about building products and gear that had the value and purpose we needed.
That vision was the start of Wingman Waterfowl's journey.

After months of using word of mouth to sell hats and shirts from our vehicles, Wingman Waterfowl  landed its first store location right at home:  Kartchner's in Krotz Springs, Louisiana in 2017.

Seven years later, in an effort to further advance our Mission, we have researched and developed many new products with the purpose of bringing our best innovations to market.

The road has not been easy and good things take time. We believe working hard for the things in life that inspire, bring joy and purpose are greatly rewarded....
For Us that's still the Lifetime of Memories made when Hunting with Friends, Family, and our favorite Dogs.

 Our Mission 

Guided by Flight - We Are Working to Build Incredible Products for the People, Places, and Irreplaceable Moments in Waterfowl.

We began a journey based on the belief that we could build a local company people believed in and could appreciate. 
While influenced by the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp, it is our intention to create high-quality gear worthy of our customers' needs both here or wherever your adventures take you. 

Born and raised here, we have a strong appreciation for Louisiana culture and support our local communities efforts to engage in hunting, education, traditions, conservation, and sportsmanship while learning to love the land and the memories we make while investing and supporting our communities. Furthermore, we hope to inspire others to do the same in their local communities.

While in high school, I fell in love with waterfowl hunting. It changed my life in many great ways and I have been blessed in making memories that I still enjoy today. Over a decade later, Wingman Waterfowl has followed me through my college career as I pursued dentistry. No matter how hard its been to build this company at times, I refused to let it down. A couple podnas (buddies) enjoying each other, nature, and some good ole dogs picking up ducks in the most incredible landscapes ... I live for that.

I've built a company for those that appreciate the true value of waterfowl hunting and live for it.
Whether you are in the cypress bottoms of swamps, flooded oak timbers, marshes or fields of grain, I hope Wingman Waterfowl can earn a place on those hunts. When early morning sunrises break the sky, and silhouettes of decoys float on the water while your podnas chat, we want to be right alongside you making memories just like any good wingman would be.

-Founder, Lane H. Bazar ​