Louisiana West Zone -
Days Left Til Teal Season 

Louisiana East Zone -
Days Left in 2nd Split

While in high school, I fell in love with waterfowl hunting. It changed my life in many great ways and I have been blessed in making memories that I still enjoy today. Over a decade later, Wingman Waterfowl has followed me through my college career as I pursued dentistry. No matter how hard its been to build this company at times, I refused to let it down. A couple podnas (buddies) enjoying each other, nature, and some good ole dogs picking up ducks in the most incredible landscapes ... I live for that.

I've built a company for those that appreciate the true value of waterfowl hunting and live for it.
Whether you are in the cypress bottoms of swamps, flooded oak timbers, marshes or fields of grain, I hope Wingman Waterfowl can earn a place on those hunts. When early morning sunrises break the sky, and silhouettes of decoys float on the water while your podnas chat, we want to be right alongside you making memories just like any good wingman would be.

-Founder, Lane H. Bazar ​